Saturday, January 26, 2008


I don't know... does the purple necklace make it a bit over the top?

Well, Allie has officially been bitten my the make-up and accessory bug. She loves to play with her pretend make-up, and especially loves the real lip gloss she got from her second cousins. We have to play it several times a day... and only slightly disturbing is the fact that Wyatt likes to get in on the fun too. I'll wait awhile before I get too concerned...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Excerpts From Week One In The Adventures Of learning To Self-Feed...

He was actually doing great with the spoon... right up 'till the point when I started recording him! Kids love to make liars out of you! Oh well... I am happy to have gotten one of his 'growls' on camera. What do you expect... he's full-blooded Bulldog!

And since we are on the topic of food... here's the rundown on Wyatt's birthday. Since the 14th was on a Monday, we waited until the following weekend to celebrate with family. I couldn't help but feel a little conflicted about doing it on a day other than his actual first birthday. I told myself 'Dude, he's one and he doesn't even know what's going on' and that 'I need to quit being so firggin' OCD about pointless crap' I mean, I know he won't remember it or anything, but I still felt like I was cheating him somehow.

Adding to my guilt was the memory of Allie's first birthday party. We threw her a huge Luau (on her actual birthday, no less), complete with lays and awesome decorations and tons of food and guests. It was awesome, and so memorable! I think I'm just worried that I'm becoming 'that mom,' the one who tries and tries but just can't keep up with her second baby as well as she did with her first. I'm realistic about it... it has to happen to some degree since time obviously gets divided with two, but I just don't want Wyatt to look back at pictures and feel like he was overlooked. Besides, having a birthday that just happens to follow the chaos of Christmas can be a problem in and of itself.

I think part of it might be that I feel a little selfish having returned from the ski trip only one day before Wyatt's birthday, which suddenly made me realize that I hadn't even planned a party for him. Or maybe it's just the fact that I can hardly believe my baby boy is already an entire year old. Anyway, needless to say... I'm already trying to think of something great to do for his second birthday! I just hope time doesn't fly by quite as fast...

Well, enough of that... on to the pictures!

Wyatt wisely chose Johnny Carino's for the occasion and it was a darn fine choice if I might add.

Here he is after dinner with his homemade... er... Publix cake.

Alright, time to loose the shirt and get down to business...
Here you see his first attempt at feeding himself with a utensil other than his bare hand. Now that's what I call concentration... meticulously watching said utensil for any sudden or unforeseen movements, and guarding against potential miscalculations by the untrained operator (which could prove to be catastrophic...) Wyatt quickly notes that the hand is much quicker and far more efficient...He also notes that he loves him some CAKE!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A little bit of Park City in our own backyard...

O.K., first off a rant. Sorry, but I GOTTA VENT! I want you all to know that I had worked long and hard on this post last night. I actually had it completely done. Finished! Complete! I went to click 'Publish Post' and it told me it was 'unable to do so at that time'. No problem, right? I'll just hit 'back' and re-try it, right? WRONG! When I hit back to try again... the handy-dandy little 'auto-save' feature obviously had some issues of it's own and none of my post had been saved. No, wait... I take that back... it saved the FIRST TWO SENTENCES OF MY POST! That's it! Let's just say I took it about as well as Katie took her 'rainbow cookies burning in the fires of Hell' In fact, I do believe I quoted her little rant verbatim. Yeah... I was a little mad. So, it was lost. And I had to start over. But not last night. Today. Because last night, well... I was honestly afraid at what I might do if I stayed within punching distance of the computer.

Whew... sorry for that, but I had to voice my frustrations towards Blogger and it's 'Auto-Save' that is not-so-much 'auto' and only 1/4589th 'save' A word to the wise... click 'Save Now' from time to time and save your frustrations for more important things. Like scorched cookies.

Anyway... back to the post. The Georgia snow has come and gone, and so have my dreams of keeping the blog up to date. I have been trying for days to find the time to post some pictures from our ski trip, but yeah... that ain't happened. Fortunately for me, Mother Nature seems to have given me a free pass and allowed to kill two birds with one stone. (Sorry about your birds, Mother Nature...)

So, first... our ski trip. Several years ago, some friends of ours decided to plan a ski trip each year in January. Well, this worked great until we all started having kids. First it was Erin, then Jennifer and I the next year, and finally Dawn. We managed to go three of the past five years, and the husbands even managed to finagle a guys-only trip once. Not too shabby considering there are nine kids between the four couples. Anyway, the first year we went to Lake Tahoe, then Banff, Canada the second, and this year to Utah. We look so forward to the trip each year and we always have a blast! Not to mention that it is nice to have some 'kid-free' time with our friends.

Now to the pictures...

Day One: We started off our trip at Park City. (This was my favorite!)
Here we are waiting in the she ski rental store...
The girls... Erin, Me, Jenn, and Dawn (What do you want to bet that she is actually smiling under that mask?)
This was the view looking down on to one of the restaurants on the mountain. Here you see two half-frozen Richs, looking a bit rough at the end of the first day.
Day Two: The Canyons. This place was also really nice, but a bit of warning to the newer skiers (like myself) who don't have the skills or the sheer stupidity required to do the crazy, thrill-seeker slopes. There were no green trails present at this resort. (Even though the 'effing web site clearly stated that there were...) So if you're coming lookin' for the bunny slopes, well... you'll just be S.O.L at The Canyons. The blues are great and pretty manageable if you have some experience, though.

Jennifer and Alan on the sky car up to the resort.
(Left to Right) Some Random Snowboard Guy, Jenn, and Erin on a ski lift. (Bottom Right) Two random and lost-looking skiers. Brad looking at a trail map while Jennifer feels the effects of altitude sickness. I felt so bad for her... she felt terrible that day!Day Three: Alta (and yes, the sky was really that blue... it was gorgeous!)
The view form the top...Here we are in front of our condo on the last day... sad to be leaving, but so excited to return home to our kiddos.

And speaking of which... being that we are the most thoughtful, wonderful, loving, and caring parents around... we brought the kids back the best surprise we possibly could... SNOW! Well, so the snow came a few days after us, but who cares. The kids loved it!

Here is my little Snow Princess... just slightly happy about getting to 'play in the snow like Caillou'! (B.T.W., does any other mom out there happen to hate that whiny, bald headed little cartoon freakshow as much as I do? And what about his parents... total jobless pushovers with never-ending patience who totally allow the brattiness? Anyone?? Well... maybe I just have some deep-rooted Caillou-hate built up. Maybe I should look in to some therapy...) So where was I? Ah, yes! Allie, my beautiful Snow Princess...
Finally getting to try out her new snow boots...
...and loving the prints they leave behind.
Here she is trying out my latest, greatest invention! It's a snowball maker! This fabulous little creation lets you make snowballs without ever laying a glove the snow! Because, really... who out there likes cold, wet gloves??? O.k., so it's a measuring cup. (which I've heard is used for cooking, which it that thing where you prepare meals yourself at your own home. Needless to say that little cup got more action that it's seen in awhile. I'm just not much of a cook!)
Figuring Wyatt was too young to enjoy the snow, I kept him inside while Allie played on the back porch. However, when he saw her outside... well, let's just say he would have no part of that. He went straight into tantrum-mode and totally freaked at the idea he was not included! So I bundled him up and let him go out and play with too. My bad, Wyatt! Excuse the heck outta' me... Who am I to underestimate you? Here's my handsome little Snow Monster, hamming it up as usual. The hat lasted almost as long as the snow itself, which was gone in no time.
Well, that's it. Consider yourselves almost up-to-date. I still have to post the pictures of Wyatt having his first taste of birthday cake. But, you know... I'll get to it. Sometime.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

We're OFF!!

Hello everyone! Well, it's been awhile once again. Long story short... the kids got the virus the day after after Michael came down with it. Which, if you are following the natural chain of events means I got it as well. I was the sickest of all... it took me almost 9 days to completely recover, which thoroughly sucked. But, I'd much rather it be me than my one of my babies so I guess things work out for the best. Still sucked, though. Anyway... sorry I have not read any of your blogs lately. Just know I am having withdrawal, so I'll do my best to catch up on them soon, I promise!

Anyhoo... in better and drastically more exciting news.... we are leaving first thing tomorrow for Park City, Utah for our long awaited Ski trip!! WooHoo!! We are going with all of our closest friends and sans kiddos, so there should be some good times and plenty of great pics to follow!

While I am really exited, I am having a surprisingly hard time leaving Big Al and Dub. Most days I would kill to get an afternoon away, let alone score a whole night to myself. But when it comes down to it, it just gets...well...strange for me. This is the first time I have been away since Allie was 9 months old. Today we had the sobering task of updating out Will and preparing the power of attorney. I tell ya, all the 'what if' details just made me cry like a baby. That coupled with the fact I could greatly benefit from a bottle-and-a-half of Xanax with a Valium chaser in order to board a plane calmly makes for a tearful day... but I'm sure I survive. No jokes though... I friggin' hate to fly! I always have. Funny considering my brother-in-law is a pilot, and a darn good one at that. Nothing personal... love ya, Chris... but planes... not so much. The noises, the recycled air, the engine failure, o.k., enough of that.

So... we're off! We'll be back on Monday, and with any luck I'll be fully intact with no sprains, broken bones, concussions, or stories of having my life flash before my eyes as the plane spiralled wickedly out of control... Hmmm... just where is that bottle of Xanax????

Y'all have a great week!!!