Friday, June 22, 2007

My Very Own Cabbage Patch Kid

Alright, so my last post got me thinking. I really need to get rid of some of the friggin' clutter in my house. (Not that our stickers are clutter Andrea... but you know what I mean.) I made the mistake of going up to the attic to begin this painstaking task, and after seeing the monstrosity that is my attic, I came to the conclusion that there was only one thing could get me to the crap-free lifestyle I'm hoping for... a YARDSALE, baby!! I can bid farewell to all my useless crap and sell it to someone who is looking for useless crap to clutter their own homes with. Nice, huh? A win/win situation. Plus, I make a little money to put towards the new lens I've been eying for my camera. So, with that I started digging though boxes of stuff I had no idea I owned... I even found boxes of toys I played with when was a kid!! I came across this Cabbage Patch Kid...

I went to toss it aside when it hit me... I know that face!! It had a strange resemblance to a certain little boy I know....

And there he is... my very own Cabbage Patch Kid! Crazy, huh?!?! Look at the noses... they are identical! Maybe I should check his butt to see if Xavier Roberts stamped his name there too!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Step 5... Admission: I am a packrat!

O.K., while I like to think of myself as reasonably organized person... deep down I know I'm not. Well, not even deep down... I just know I'm not. I just like to claim to be because being a mother of two who is also 'organized' is quite an accomplishment, don't ya think???

Well, this lack of organization drives my husband nuts! I am notorious for 'sweeping' things in to drawers in the attempt for a quick clean-up. Well, I have this one drawer, you know... 'that drawer,' the one that seems to catch all sorts of things. Anything and everything that has no definite home of it's own. Well, I started looking for something tonight and as a last result I was forced to consult 'that drawer'. Well, needless to say I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find this...
Can someone please explain to me how sticker-pictures that were taken over 10 years ago miraculously surface but the one thing you had yesterday is NOWHERE to be found???

Well, I thought you all might like seeing these stickers of Andrea and I. We were seniors in high school and these were taken in one of those crazy little photo booths at Disneyland in California. Andrea... you haven't changed a bit!!!

And now if you fine ladies will excuse me... I'm off to work on step 6! HA!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Hair-Judging-Freak-Woman Post Continues...

Since I got such a response to my vent on the crazy hair-judging-freak-woman post, I decided to put my comments here to it didn't get lost in the shuffle. So... if anyone is totally lost... see the post below (She won't get called 'he'...) and all the comments that led up to this.

Katie... I feel your pain!! Both Allie and Wyatt were 9 pounds 6 ounces at birth, so they started big too! Wow, he's still off the charts? To me, that's awesome. Ain't nobody gonna mess wit' him!! Anyway... I don't think anyone should judge other peoples kids. You never know all the circumstances. They all do things at their own time, ya know?? Let 'em be, I say!! LOL!

Tara, don't let them get to you!! Wyatt is still off the friggin' charts!! My pediatricians office even has a special waiting area for newborns up to 2 months and I actually had a lady waiting with her baby tell me it was for up to 2 months ONLY!! Like he was 9 and had the funk or something!! Well, Wyatt was only 4 weeks at the time (and not sick!) and when I told her she looked like she didn't believe me! Then come to find out her kid was OLDER than mine!!! He was 5 weeks!! It's not my fault her kid was scrawny!! I kid... I kid...

Anyway... check out Wyatt's weights and feel better!!
4 weeks... 13 lbs, 9 oz
8 weeks... 16 lbs, 14 oz
4 months.. 20 lbs 1 oz

People think he should do more than he can too because he is big and looks older. They forget he is so young!

Chris... Hi! Nice to meet ya! Lindsay is adorable and I'm right there with ya on the Bon Jovi!! :)

Katy... I love the hair and I can tell he's a boy for sure!!

Thanks again to everyone!

Monday, June 11, 2007

She won't get called 'he' in this outfit... well, at least I hope not...

My poor little Allie. If there is one thing she was not blessed with... it's hair. It's finally starting to get a little longer, and if we try really hard we can muster up two little pigtails. But for the most part... it's just not there.

The worst part is that several times a week she gets called 'he'. It doesn't matter that I dress her in pink, AND have a hair barrette in, AND have her nails painted, AND earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. She still gets 'Aren't you a cute little fella!' or 'He's so handsome!' or 'Hey Big Guy!' I guess I should be gracious for the complements... but she is starting to catch on now and I feel so bad for her.

Well, this week tops all! This lady mistakingly called her 'he' in while I was shopping and when I politely corrected her, she said 'Oh... well... are you always going to keep such a boyish haircut on her or will you let it grow long?' Who says that??? Who tells someone she doesn't even know that her daughter's haircut is boyish??? Like I'm trying to make her a boy or something! Well, luckily for her I can't seem to speak what what I really want to say. (Yep, it's because I am a total wimp) I just told her that we have worked for three long years growing that hair and we're pretty proud of it! I even managed to smile. Am I being over sensitive?

Oh well, maybe when she's twelve she'll be ready for her first haircut!

Well... Anyway... to the pictures. Allie loves to dress up. I took these pictures of her in her ballet dress up clothes and I think she looks like such a little princess! Where's that lady at now, huh?!?!?! I dare to say 'he'!!!

Wow... this turned in to a vent...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

...Your Backyard Friends the Backyardigans

A few of you are after me because you never saw pictures from Allie's family birthday party. Well... here are just a few.

As most of you know, Allie is OBSESSED with the Backyardigans... especially Uniqua. (or Da-Niqua as she says) Anyhoo... she had it in her mind that she was going to be a Backyardigan on her birthday. And if that was not bad enough... she was taking us down with her. She thought we were all going to be Backyardigans! She'd tell you "I'm gonna be Da-Niqua, Wyatt is Pablo, Mommy is Tasha, Daddy is gonna be Tyrone, and Turner (our cat) will be Austin 'cus he's a shy guy!" Who really knows what goes on in kids minds?!?!? Maybe I was just a little bitter because I was the Hippopotamus. Hmmmmm... I'll just tell myself it was because there was no other option... LOL!

Well, a Uniqua outfit is hard to come by I came to find out, so made her one to wear that day.

Here she is with Nana and Papa

This is her cake. You all know I can't cook or bake worth a flip, but I was happy with how it came out. It was my first attempt at using fondant icing, and it was so much fun. It was like playing with clay.

And here is Captain Pablo! I made him an outfit to wear too, but that's where I drew the line. There was no way I was going to wear Tasha's floral mumu!

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Coolest Mouse in Town (or is he a rat???)

Ahhhh, yes. That face... It could mean only one thing! Chuck E. Cheese, baby! Where a kid can be a kid and a parent can drop a load of money and loose their sanity all in record timing! Kidding, kidding. Today the kids and I packed up and headed to the big A-T-L to have lunch with some of our friends who live in Buford. We decide to bite the bullet and take them to good ole' CEC because, well...quite frankly... where else are you going to go when you have 9 kids? Plus, it was a good way to have a mini-celebration for Allie's birthday which was in May. The kids had a blast and it was fun to see my friends Tysh, Ginger, and Lynn as well.

Allie and the kids enjoyed pizza while Wyatt enjoyed his fists. That seems to be a trend these days...

And now... here is what happens when you leave Tysh in charge of your 4 month old while you chase your 3 year old around. She gives him his very first taste of 'real food'. On the left Wyatt is seen sampling his very first pizza crust and on the right is his first sip of coke. The expressions... priceless! This about sums up his take on all things that are not breast milk...

Here are some random shots of the kids... well... being kids! They had so much fun!
Top Left Mac and the Dinosaur we all love to hate
Top right Makayla and Allie shakin what their mama's gave 'em
Bottom left Mady, Mav, and Allie... the dance continues
Bottom right Mady happy as a clam with her 2000 (yes, 2-0-0-0) ticket prize. Their family frequents this place... can you tell????

I leave you with this. Here are the older kiddos in our attempt for a group shot. Mav wasn't havin' it and we didn't even try to get the 3 babies involved. I'll take what I can get!

Makayla, Allie, William, Isabella, Mady

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Just to be fair...

Here is a few recent pictures of Big Al... just to be fair. I guess I'm an equal-opportunity blogger...

Let's give this a try...

Hi everyone!!

O.K., so I'm new to this wonderful thing that is 'blogging'. Here's hoping this will be easier than sending out a hundred e-mails highlighting news and info from the Rich Household. Besides... I always leave someone out and this way if you miss something you can't blame me because... well... it'll be on the blog. HA! And lets face it... It's just fun to tell everyone about the crazy things the kids do on a daily basis. At least you can all can have a good laugh while I'm here dealing with the screaming and cleaning up the messes! So... lets hope I am doing this right!

Let's start with Wyatt's pictures from today...