Friday, May 23, 2008

Mama always told me to 'pick my battles...'

...and this was just not worth fighting a loosing battle over. I mean, have you ever tried to take a blankie from a sixteen-month-old?

Friday, May 16, 2008


Hey everyone! I thought I'd give you an update on Dad. First of all I wanted to thank each and every one of you who prayed for my father's healing. Your prayers were truly felt within my family and brought us all comfort during this stressful and frightening time.

God truly was looking out for my dad and I know he answered our prayers as the doctors do not think he had a second heart attack. His enzyme tests, ultrasounds, and x-rays were all negative so that is some AWESOME news. He is, however still in the hospital and is undergoing more tests to find out what has been going on for the last sixteen months.

He is currently taking a stress test (this is Friday 8:15 a.m.) which includes injecting him with dye to watch his heart function on monitors while he exercises on a treadmill. I ask you once again to join with me in praying that the doctors find NO BLOCKAGES or any other potential problems with his heart. The next tests would be heart catheterization and eventually open-heart surgery so we praying to avoid that.

I truly believe that God has preformed a miracle on my dad as he displayed every sign of a heart attack when he entered the hospital but left the doctors in amazement as they could not find any trace that he had actually experienced one. This news is such a blessing to us all as this means there has been no further damage to his heart.

That is all I know for now. Please continue to keep Him in your thoughts and prayers... and thank you again for your kind words. I know I am truly 'blessed' to have such wonderful friends!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Prayer Request...

Hey everyone. Well, I didn't make my goal of 5 blogs in 5 days. Worse things can and will happen I guess. I wish I could redeem myself with a funny or lighthearted blog, but tonight I need to ask a favor of all my blogging friends out there.

As most of you know, my dad had a heart attack when Wyatt was only two weeks old. Since that time, he has four stints put in to try to correct the problem. Unfortunately, the problems have persisted to spite of the doctors efforts.

Tonight, when Allie and I returned home from Cubbies, Michael told me that my dad had been taken to the hospital and was showing signs of a second heart attack. To put it mildly... I am a bit beside myself right now and I would really appreciate any and all prayers that you might be able to lift up for him. This has truly been a tough week as he also learned that a place on his skin he had biopsied last week showed cancerous cells. His surgery was supposed to be this Friday.

Anyway... it has been a long and exhausting week. Please remember my dad and my mom tonight in your prayers. I ask that you join with us in praying for his complete and total healing both from the heart problems and the skin cancer. I believe that God is an awesome God who had power over all things. Please keep my family, especially my dad Gil, in your prayers tonight. Thanks everyone.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Post number Four... all about a (soon-to-be) four-year-old!

Well, tomorrow is party day!! I figured I'd better take a few pictures of Allie and Wyatt in their Care Bear outfits before they get covered in cake, ice cream, candy, and all of the other messy stuff that is bound to wind up covering them tomorrow. So here's a peek at Allie's four year pictures and a few of the she and Wyatt together. Allie (of course) is 'Cheer Bear' and Wyatt... well, 'Grumpy Bear' just seems to fit him lately.

I intentionally waited until 10:00 at night to shoot these because I knew Allie would be happy as a clam and Wyatt would be reeeeeeallly ready for bed. I was hoping to get his grumpy scowl, but these will certainly work too.
Well, I'm off to finish up all of the last minute stuff. I'll post party pics tomorrow if I survive.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Caron reporting live from the LONGEST traffic light on the face of the earth!!

Three for Three! I'm on FIRE!

Here's a cute video I shot while at waiting at the longest frickin' traffic light ever! I was on the way to drop the kiddos off at my parent's house before the JBJ concert. Wyatt had had just about enough of being tied down in his car seat and Allie and I were were desperate for anything to keep him occupied....

'Calling Allie' has become a favorite past time of his. The funniest part about this whole thing was his reaction to seeing himself on the camera when I played it back for them. He LOVED IT!! I had to play the darn video about twenty times over and over for the remainder of the trip. I 'd hit play and set the camera screen facing the back seat for him to watch himself while I drove. Hey, it kept him happy and me sane. Man, I GOTTA get Dora's DVD player fixed!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rich Girls

Two for two! Not a bad start!

I thought that in honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, I would devote a post entirely to my little Allie-Kat and I. Nothing against Wyatt... He'll have his turn in a bit. I just thought the Rich women could use a little post to ourselves.

Today was the annual 'Muffins With Mom' breakfast at Allie's preschool. (Doughnuts with Dad was last week, but naturally I have no pictures of that since men are far too macho to think of taking pictures on their own, but I digress...) Anyhoo... back to the muffins. Allie and I had a great time! It was fun to get to spend a little time together, just the two of us. We had mini blueberry muffins and a little OJ to chase it all down with. (Sorry Katie... no mimosas, I guess they were fresh out. And after spending some time with that many three and four year olds... I can see why!)

Allie and I...
Then it was present time! Allie gave me an adorable picture with her hand print and a mini basket filled with chocolate kisses. (which, BTW, she promptly took and ate herself. A gal after my own heart I tell you. She loves her some chocolate!) Here she is adding her name to her work of art...Now fast forward to Wednesday night. I realized that I haven't posted any Awana updates in awhile, so here's her current stats. Allie has now learned around 15 Bible verses and earned tons of Luv E. Lamb and Ernie Elephant patches to wear on her shirt! I am so proud of all she has done! Awards night is in a few weeks and she is right on track to get her first pin!

Here we are all dressed for Cubbies.
Mrs. Angie reading today's totally riveting and action packed Cubby story...
Here's one of Allie and one of her BFF's Georgia. I just thought it was too cute not to share...Well folks. That's all I have for now. I'll be back tomorrow for day three of my blog-a-thon. Y'all have a great night!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's. My. Life.

'It's now or never... I ain't posted in forrr-evvvv-errrrr...'

Oh, blogger pals... it's been too long. Far, far too long. The last few weeks have been crazy-busy and we have had tons of things going on. Unfortunately the ole' blog had to take a back seat for awhile. Well... I finally got my priorities straight and I'M BACK, BABY!! Did you all miss me? Does anyone still read this? Hello?!? Anyone?!? Ah, c'mon... you all aren't fooling me. I know you have missed me because I did get a few e-mails asking if I was still alive. I knew you all loved me! Thanks for checking in. I am indeed alive and well. Stressed and tired, but well.

Anyhoo... I actually have tons of things to blog about, so my goal is to break it down in to several posts over the next few days. I'm trying to avoid writing a novel, so maybe this will help. And so... since my priorities are now 'in order', let's start with the most important event first...

And you thought I would start with the kids... silly you! Some mom I am, right? Don't worry, I'll get to the kids soon enough. Now where was I? Ah yes, Bon Jovi!! Oh, it was a great, great, GREAT concert indeed!! We went with a huge group of our friends and had a total blast! Chris Daughtry (from American Idol) opened and they were really good. We only caught the last few songs, but we got to hear the ones we recognized, so it was cool.

Here's a few of Daughtry...
And now, here's a few for Chris! Our seats were behind the stage but our I thought our they were awesome! We got the bird's eye view and the huge screens moved all over so we didn't miss a thing!
The special effects were great! Here his video image is shown on the stage. I thought it was awesome!JBJ and Daughtry together singing Blaze of Glory. Incredible! It's hard to believe how amazing Daughtry sounded. He had some big shoes to fill but I was totally impressed!!A blogger hook-up! Chris and I got to say a quick 'hi' after the concert. Here we are... two happy gals after an AWESOME night out!
Unfortunately they don't allow professional cameras in, so I had to take my little point and shoot instead. Bummer. I was even more bummed when I realized that I had grabbed my small memory card instead of my big one, so I was totally limited all night. I had to shoot and delete when I would run out of room. No fun. Oh well, at least I got a few. After accidentally deleting the video of Bed of Roses ($%#@) I did manage to get another short video before running out of space...

Yes, It was an awesome night! I even refrained from flashing 'the twins' at everyone which is more than I can say for the girl who sat a few rows behind us... and let me tell ya... she was no featherweight. Ughhh!! That was more flesh than I cared to see. It was great for laughs though. Oh well... I still consider myself a fan even though I choose to keep the gals covered. I'm already looking forward to the next concert already!

I'll end the post with these two pictures.

Since we're on the subject...this is Allie's tribute to the big hair of the 80's... a.k.a. 'trampoline hair'. It does this whenever she jumps.
Well, one post down... tons to go. 'Muffins with Mom' is tomorrow (ooohhhh... I know you're totally jonesin' for pictures of that action!!) and Allie's birthday party is this Saturday, so keep checkin' in! I'm setting myself a blogging goal. A 'quota,' if you will. I am going to try to post for the next five days straight, and I need your help to hold me to it. It might be something quick and simple or it might be something totally thought-provoking and profound (ummmmm...yeah. lmao). Who knows. All I know is I have some SERIOUS catching up to do and I'm ready to face my inadequacies and try to become a better blogger. I guess that would mean I'm joining "BB" instead of "AA" HA! Oh, it's tooooo late and I'm toooo sleep deprived. Obviously! with that 'I say... Have A Nice Day'!