Thursday, August 28, 2008

Once Upon a Potty...

Today, while sifting through the abyss that is my hall closet, I came across Allie's old potty training seat. I didn't think much of it until I saw Wyatt's curiosity peak. Well, you better believe that I seized the heck outta' that lil' opportunity and promptly stripped Wyatt of his diaper and set the seat on the potty to show him what that gem was used for. I didn't think anything was actually going to happen... but I figured what the heck? Any chance for changing one less diaper was worth two minutes of my time. Well, to my surprise... he knew just what to do and within seconds he was down to business! I was shocked! The funniest part is each time he would go, I would cheer and clap for him... then he would stop and cheer and clap for himself... then quickly return to his 'game face' so he could try to go more. He finally spotted a magazine on the floor and pointed at it. I think the kid may be catching on. Not bad for 19 months!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beacuse the cat never has her tongue...

Allie always knows just what to say... and just how to say it. (Be sure to watch the video all the way to the end...)

Well... does anyone have room in their home for a beautiful black kitten? It is a little stray that befriended me as I walked in the neighborhood tonight. It has the best disposition and LOVES kids. I would love to keep it... but Turner strongly opposes that notion. Way to share the love, T. So... any takers???

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Indian Outlaws...

Michael actually had the weekend off last week, which a weekend off in the middle of the summer in his line of work is almost unheard of... but seeing as how WE HAVE NO WATER IN OUR FRIGGIN' LAKE AND GAS IS $4.00 A FRIGGIN' GALLON SO NOBODY CAN FRIGGIN' AFFORD TO BOAT ANYWAY... (whew!!) he managed to swing it.

We wanted to do something different, so we decided to go to Cherokee for the day. Not to mention that there just happens to be one of our favorite BBQ restaurants on the way and we were totally craving it.

The trip was tons of fun! Here are a few pictures from our day...

We started out at all the little shops in town. We let the kids pick themselves out a souvenir. This was Wyatt's first choice but he ended up settling for a toy police car and a cowboy gun and holster. He was satisfied, but thought we were total cheapskates.

This souvenir was a big negatory on Wyatt's end... or should I say "yippie-ki-yo-NO-WAY!!!"
Here they are with Chief Mega-Rip-Off. This dude actually charged 'per camera click', so needless to say I took what I could get with ONE shot. Good way to make a buck (or five...) I guess. Allie is modeling her new headdress and princess necklace while Wyatt watches to make sure the Indian doesn't try anything traumatic... like trying to hold him! (yeah... that was a TOTAL no-go!)
Since it was hot as crap, we decided to take the kids to the river to run around for awhile. This was the hit of the day! They played in the river and had a blast throwing rocks and wading in the water.

If you have seen a picture of Al or read this blog lately... you had to know this pose was coming. I guess it's her signature pose.

Here Wyatt offers step-by-step instructions on the art of rock throwing.
1. Select a rock.
2. Here's and example...
3. Throw the rock.
(repeat as many times as desired)

One last one of Big Al. That's my girl!
Hope y'all have a great weekend! Oh, and Katie... if you are out there in blogger-land... I TOTALLY miss your blog!!! What's a sista' gotta do to get an invite?!? (and getting a sausage of my own is outta' the question!)