Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween... From Start to Finish!

Here they are...

Well folks, it's Halloween! I hope y'all have had a fun, exciting, sugar-filled day! I know my kids have. It's been such a busy day here, and the kids have had a ball! I took tons and tons of pictures. So many that I'll pretty much let them do the talking and add captions so you can see all the excitement.

First off... Allie's preschool had all kinds of fun planned starting with Trunk-Or-Treating. Here's her class picture before it all got underway...First stop...the church office...
Mrs. Rosemary hooked them up!

Now to the real action... the cars! I thought the mom's totally did an awesome job this year. They all got really in to it and made the trunks look so fun and festive. Here's a few form the day...
This was Shari's. I thought it was really cute!
This was Brandy's. Her pumpkins were awesome! She had a wolf howling at the moon and a spider.
Here's Cindy'sI thought this was creative! The mom who did this one dressed up like a doctor and made a Babyland General Hospital theme.
The kiddos... making their rounds...
And my car? Well... I ( being the slightly competitive gal I am) wanted to do something different than the traditional decorate your trunk bit. So Michelle and I decided to tag-team and decorate our cars together. Now I may very well pull a muscle patting myself on the back here, but I must say my idea was pure genius in the eyes of the kids! We made a tunnel using the lifted doors of our SUV's to make an arch that the kids walked through to get their candy. And how did it turn out you might ask??? Well... in the famous words of Katie...

'Shizzam!' Complete with dangling pumpkin streamers to walk through. Yeah, the kids totally DUG IT!!
Here's the view from the inside . We decorated my cargo space with pumpkins and stuff and sat in Michelle's cargo area to hand out the treats. After the Trunk-Or-Treating, we all headed inside for the class party. The kids all got a head start on their sugar consumption for the day and had some awesome homemade cookie cake, along with Jello cups, Chex Mix, and other great junk.
Here's Allie enjoying her Jello... using the best manners a little ole' lady could possible use...
Next, we went down town where each year they do Trick-Or-Treating on the square for the kids. They get to go to all of the store fronts and get candy. They also host a Halloween Costume Contest and Allie won $10 bucks for her age division of 3-5 years. Not too shabby!
Big Dub looking wise in his old age...

Lastly, we were off to our church for the "Light the Night" celebration. It's our church's alternative to Halloween. The kids had a blast there too! The turnout was incredible!!

There was a puppet show... (I hate puppets but the kids were all about those freaky things)
Allie and Sarah danced with some random lion...
Then Trunk-Or-Treated...again. (Andrea... how bout that score behind Carole?!?) Got their faces painted...
And finally the evening ended with a goodbye hug from none other than the one, the only
'Spider Sam'. Yep... this day was indeed good. And with all that said... I'm off to bed. I am totally exhausted. Well... maybe I'll just quickly check Allie's loot... for any good I mean candy that needs to be tested. Yeah... that's it. Tested. Aren't I a loving mother???

G'Night, Sonny!

Monday, October 29, 2007

A birthday shout out... well... sing out...

Happy 30th Birthday Amy!! We love you and hope you have a great day!

If at first you don't succeed... DON'T try, try, again!!!!

Well, when it comes to flushing toilets that is.

This morning Allie learned the hard way about these crappy water-saving toilets that you have to install in your house if you've built in the last few years. You know, the ones that get clogged all the time with even the smallest amount of toilet paper. I mean really... should you have to use the good ole' plunger even when there is no 'poo' involved?!?

So, from a dead sleep we (thank God Michael came back from the UGA game yesterday) wake to hear "Mommy...Daddy... my potty is WEAKING EVERYWAWRE!" and dash to the bathroom only to find that yes, the potty is in fact leaking everywhere. Up, over the rim, onto the floor, covering the floor, and creeping rapidly towards the carpet in the hall. Allie had apparently continued to try to flush it after she noticed the toilet paper wouldn't go down. Friggin'-crappy-cheap-water-savin'-mother-friggin'-toilets.

And, to add insult to injury, as Allie ran before us to show us 'said flooded potty', she slips on all the water and lands flat on her back. Sprawled out... yes friends... in none other than toilet water.

And so our day began.

Welcome home, Michael... welcome home.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lets play catch up... AGAIN.

But this time it's not my fault. Blogger was acting more difficult than my three year old when a grandparent is around. And let me tell you... that's difficult! It wouldn't do a thing I asked it to. I tried repeatedly to get it to upload pics and it was all like 'No pictures for you, beeotch!' And really... what is a blog entry with no pictures?

So here they are at long last. Thank ya kindly, Blogger.

First we have Jason and Lacie's wedding. Precious couple and a beautiful wedding. It was outside at the Methodist campground and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. I totally had to fight every urge in my body not to take a thousand pictures, but I didn't want to get in the photographers way. I have retired from shooting weddings because they are just not my thing. (read: I hate shooting weddings because the stress makes me need strong pills') I really just assume come with camera in hand and shoot for fun. And so I did.

Here is the family. AWESOME bunch of folks. Alan (on the far left) is Michael's best friend, and Jen and Nat are two of mine. Michael trying to be suave striking a GQ pose he dreamed up. Yep. He's a dork, but he's my dork I love him!
Here's a few from the rehearsal dinner the night before. Betcha can guess the theme...
the cake...It was cool. They had it all decorated in a UGA theme and asked all the guests to come dresses in red and black. Somehow Allie and Michael dodged getting their picture made, but I did get this one of Wyatt kicked back takin' it easy. Sittin' like such a little gentleman...
The food was awesome! Low Country Boil!
Now to Sam's birthday party. Sam is Allie's little boyfriend and let me tell you this kid is CUTE! Love, love, love Sam! He is just adorable and he has the sweetest personality. His Mom Michelle is one of my really good friends and let me tell you she threw one heck of a party! It was a Diego party and they went on a rescue mission and everything!

Here's the proud birthday boy... I just want to squeeze him!
Here is the rescue mission. They drove all over the yard finding clues and all that good stuff.
Bring on the cake...His cake was awesome!!!!!!
Allie was like... 'Sam and cake... does it get any better???'The gang...well...most of them
Sam got a power wheels 4 wheeler from his parents. The girls loved chasing him all over the yard. Man, it starts young now-a-days, doesn't it???Al and her two BFF's. They are all inseparable. Adorable family!!! Happy 4th birthday, Sam!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

For all you 'Young Whippersnappers'....

Here's a costume update...

Old Man Rich got his jacket in today. Thank you, Ebay!!

He kinda looks like a professor or something now. I think it will really come together when I add the shoes and the gray bushy eyebrows. I may even try a gray mustache... but only for a picture. I'm pushing it with the glasses as it is.

And here's Allie's in case you missed it from the previous post. They are going to be the cutest darn old couple ever!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Have you been going through withdrawl?

Well, we're back, baby!

Here's your fix... and prepare yourselves everyone... this post is going be crazy as all friggin' get out! We have all been so busy lately that I have had zero time to blog. I have read everyones a time or two... but since we have been out of town I have a lot of catching up to do. So, in my feeble attempt to fill y'all in on the last few weeks I'm going to have to hop from topic to topic like a frog on speed to cover it all. Cool??? O.k., buckle up, 'cuz here we go.....

First comes preschool pictures. I usually specialize in individual family portraits, so I was not sure what to expect. I just knew several parents weren't happy with the guy who usually takes them for the school, so they asked me to try my hand at it. They were actually really fun to take, and it went a lot better than I thought it would. Granted... I have never moved so fast, nor have I seen so much sweat pour from my body... but it went pretty smooth overall. You can check them out if you like at

Next we are off to a speech therapy update. Allie has started "Straw Therapy." This is where she uses a series of different straws over the course of about 10 weeks or so to strengthen her tongue to help her articulation. The straws are the same cool straws we all has as kids, but they are each different lengths, widths, and sizes to work on different parts of her tongue. Sounds crazy, but her speech therapist has been teaching for over 30 years and swears by this new method.
Oh, and in related news... Allie has totally given up her paci she used at night!!! She was such a good girl about it and as a reward she got a new Care Bear! (her latest obsession)

Now to Halloween. The costumes are under construction. I know y'all are chompin at the bits to know what they will be this year. I have been collecting little things here and there and the masterpieces are almost complete! I know... the suspense is killing you.

Let's start with Turner. He's going as a pile of laundry. I kid. The freak is a sucka for some laundry fresh outta the dryer and insists upon spreading his nappy cat fur all over it!

Now to the kids. I debated long and hard over their costumes. After seeing Allie's 'buggy' I thought I should dress her a a friggin' bag lady, but decided against it. Really though... the 'buggy' is kinda a compulsion. I'm a little worried. She piles all of her favorite things into it and pushes it around. Like... everywhere. Lets get a quick inventory, shall we???

In no particular order, we have a...
1. Vera Bradley purse containing 8 Care Bear figurines
2. Backyardigan's sing along radio
3. Ballerina Slippers
4. Cheer Bear stuffed animal
5. Wool baby blanket
6. Sock Monkey purse
7. Toilet paper roll (what?!?!)
8. Baby bottle
9. Comb
10. A hand drawn stop light (by Allie)
11. Three Pennies and a nickel
12. Four Leaves (crumpled and flaking everywhere)
13. An old grocery list (OBSESSED with lists of any kind... totally my kid!)

She can account for EVERY item in the buggy. She calls them her 'things'. Should I worry???

Anyway... back to the costumes. Here's a peek at Allie...

Is she freakin cute or what?!?!?! Not pictured are her nude pantyhose that are about four shades too dark for her skin tone and her shoes. She will also be sportin some pink blush and pink lipstick for the occasion. Now, I bet you can guess what Wyatt will be as well! I figured it was appropriate since he was bald, has only two teeth, and wears diapers. HA! They will be the cutest Old'Grams and Gramps' evahhhhh!!! The hat was actually her Great, Great Grandmothers, the purse and broaches are her Great Grandmothers, and the skirt??? A women's size 12 that I picked up for a whole two dollah at Goodwill and altered down to fit her. Love me some cheap homemade costumes.

Now to vacation. We went to New Bern, NC which happens to be the birth place of Pepsi for all you 'pointless facts freaks' out there. I for one happen to despise Pepsi, so I didn't give a rip... but it was a great vacation anyway. We left on Saturday and spent a few days alone with the kids, and then on Tuesday Michael's parents and Brother drove up to join us. We had an awesome 4 story condo and had a relaxing week doing not much of anything. We drove to the beach one day, played plenty of putt-putt, went to the Tryon Palace, shopped, ate tons of great seafood, and swam. Michael played a ton of golf so he should have his fix for awhile. Well, almost. He's playing tomorrow but then... that's it!! I mean it!! Enough explaining... here's the pics...

Our view from outside our condo
Allie loved to chase the geese... which was fine with me because they crapped everywhere...
My boys
Allie loved the playgroundWyatt became a swinger...
Allie played a little putt-putt to spite the full moon...
Katie, I found humor in this particular hole on the course. I thought you might as well seeing as how our minds seem to spend excess time in the gutter. What the frick kinda shape is this??? Who designed this course anyway?
The pool...The beachThiese wee the NC Aquarium. Allie loved it!Here's hoping the Gators won't take a bite out of us this weekend!
My adorable little crabby crabs... quite fitting at times....Allie and Poppy... one of her most favorite people in the world!The family

Michael is in a wedding this weekend. Our friends Jason and Lacie are getting married and we are so excited for them! I'm sure I'll take plenty of pics so the ole' blog will stay good and stocked for awhile...