Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Update (Chris... if you are the least bit nauseous you may wanna skip this...)

What??? A blog entry with no pictures??? TRUST ME, you'll thank me for it later.

Ah yes, the chaos of the season continues. I had to take Wyatt to the doctor Saturday morning ('cuz the kid can't seem to get sick during weekday office hours, mind you...) Anyway...the doctor said she thought it was Rota Virus or something equally as disgusting. I am completely and totally convinced that it is some of the nastiest funk a kid can possibly get. I mean AWFUL!! He's had about 10 to 12 huge, nasty poopy diapers each day and and 6 (count 'em, S-I-X major blowouts that involved entire outfit changes (socks included), carpets scrubbed, my comforter being washed, and his sheets being changed REPEATEDLY. And this ain't no ordinary poop either. This is some crazy, nasty, mutant-shizz that is the gnarliest smelling thing you have ever smelled in your life! Wowza!!!. To top it all off his poor little butt is so red and raw. Nooooo fun! I'm sure I don't even have to mention the fact that he has been just a touch whiny because of all of this. My poor, poor little boy! Oh well. I'm hoping we're entering the home stretch of this nastiness and that it is gone by Christmas.

In other (not-so gross) news... Wyatt got his first haircut on Sunday!! We just buzzed the back and sides and left the top alone. He looks so cute and grown up!

We also went to watch Allie sing in her preschool's Christmas musical. It was adorable and the kids did great! I promise to post pics tomorrow. For now... I'm off to bed. I'm headed down towards Atlanta tomorrow to finish up some Christmas shopping. Michael is going to watch the kiddos, so I get to go alone! Like, with no kids! Like, TOTALLY by myself! No car seats, no strollers, no potty breaks, no falling asleep when we are 3 minutes from the store, no nuthin! Can you tell I am a little happy to get out???

Y'all have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

so sorry about the Roto. that shizz IS horrible!!!

Enjoy your day alone shopping, alone, by yourself, just alone. all alone!! can you tell i'm jealous!!?? hehe. how great is it shopping without kids? the best i say!! enjoy every minute, Caron! :)

Melanie said...

Have fun shopping all by your lonesome! I think that every parent squeals at the thought of some alone time every now and then!! I hope that Mr Wyatt is feeling better really soon too.

Andrea said...

Oh man! So sorry about that virus. I hope he gets better by Christmas and that no one else in the family gets it! Can't wait to see pics of little man's hair cut. Enjoy your shopping trip!

Heather said...

Ick! That's awful, poor Wyatt & his mommy & daddy. Get well soon!

I hope the Christmas shopping went well.

Angela said...

Yikes! So sorry to hear the little guy has been under the weather, but on the bright side atleast he was not sick on Christmas. Have a great shopping day!

Chris said...

I hope you had a blast Christmas shopping baby free! Hope everyone is feeling better too. Thanks for the warning at the top of your post...too funny!

Bethany said...

Girl, we've been having the exact opposite problem. We had to take Zach to the doctor twice because he couldn't go. Josh and I have never prayed so hard for poo poo in our lives....and never been so thankful to see it when it finally came. Paranthood....who would have thought it would be so fun.

Merry Christmas. Can't wait to see how the holidays went at your house. Hope it was special!!!