Tuesday, July 22, 2008

While the Cats Away...

With Allie gone for the night at Camp Meeting, Wyatt seized the opportunity to explore the forbidden treasure chest that is 'sister's room!'

(Please note that the green motorcycle in the picture did eventually trump all. He really is all boy...no really...I swear!!!)


Melanie said...

That is too cute! And seriously boys are too funny. My cousin is like 180% pure boy, but he loves him a baby doll every now and then. It is just too cute and we all love it. Hope that Wyatt had fun in uncharted territory for the night!

Kathi said...

I'm not really sure how I stumbled upon your blog but I felt compelled to leave a comment, as another Christian woman. I too have a blog caretobead.blogspot.com
I also sell my vintage Inspired jewelry on a site called Etsy. Have you heard of that.
I loved the name of your blog.
God Bless, Kathi

Chris said...

That is so darn cute! I'm so getting me some of those pastel bins for Lindsay's room. I've been waiting for those to go on sale again at Target.
Wyatt is such a doll!

Heather said...

They do love breaking into a sibings room! He looks like he's having fun.

The Partins said...

Very cute.... and might I add the pictures from the previous post are to die for!!! how sweet are they all cuddled up together!!!