Monday, October 29, 2007

If at first you don't succeed... DON'T try, try, again!!!!

Well, when it comes to flushing toilets that is.

This morning Allie learned the hard way about these crappy water-saving toilets that you have to install in your house if you've built in the last few years. You know, the ones that get clogged all the time with even the smallest amount of toilet paper. I mean really... should you have to use the good ole' plunger even when there is no 'poo' involved?!?

So, from a dead sleep we (thank God Michael came back from the UGA game yesterday) wake to hear "Mommy...Daddy... my potty is WEAKING EVERYWAWRE!" and dash to the bathroom only to find that yes, the potty is in fact leaking everywhere. Up, over the rim, onto the floor, covering the floor, and creeping rapidly towards the carpet in the hall. Allie had apparently continued to try to flush it after she noticed the toilet paper wouldn't go down. Friggin'-crappy-cheap-water-savin'-mother-friggin'-toilets.

And, to add insult to injury, as Allie ran before us to show us 'said flooded potty', she slips on all the water and lands flat on her back. Sprawled out... yes friends... in none other than toilet water.

And so our day began.

Welcome home, Michael... welcome home.


Angela said...

OH NO!!! That sounds bad, really bad. Glad your husband was home to help you though. Sorry. I will pray that you have a better afternoon!

Andrea said...

Eww. Not a good way to start your morning, or your week for that matter.

We've had the same problem with one of our toilets, but we had a plumber come out to take a look. He said the newer "potty's" have a light weight on the handle which causes the problem. He put a heavier weight on it and now it works just fine.

Is Allie allright? Hope she didn't take too hard of a spill.

Melanie said...

EWWWW...I hope that the rest of your day goes better, much better! At least you weren't knee high in toliet water alone. Poor Allie, I hope that she didn't hurt herself when she fell.

Caron said...

Andrea... love how you called Allie's fall a 'spill'! Thanks for that!

Allie is fine. She just got wet but I think that coupled with the the rush of excitement distracted her from the effects of the fall.

Thanks y'all for the well wishes on a better week. Here's hoping!

Chris said...

Poor Allie!! Hope she's ok. What a not nice way to start the day. Glad Michael was home to help you deal with that one!