Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lets play catch up... AGAIN.

But this time it's not my fault. Blogger was acting more difficult than my three year old when a grandparent is around. And let me tell you... that's difficult! It wouldn't do a thing I asked it to. I tried repeatedly to get it to upload pics and it was all like 'No pictures for you, beeotch!' And really... what is a blog entry with no pictures?

So here they are at long last. Thank ya kindly, Blogger.

First we have Jason and Lacie's wedding. Precious couple and a beautiful wedding. It was outside at the Methodist campground and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. I totally had to fight every urge in my body not to take a thousand pictures, but I didn't want to get in the photographers way. I have retired from shooting weddings because they are just not my thing. (read: I hate shooting weddings because the stress makes me need strong pills') I really just assume come with camera in hand and shoot for fun. And so I did.

Here is the family. AWESOME bunch of folks. Alan (on the far left) is Michael's best friend, and Jen and Nat are two of mine. Michael trying to be suave striking a GQ pose he dreamed up. Yep. He's a dork, but he's my dork I love him!
Here's a few from the rehearsal dinner the night before. Betcha can guess the theme...
the cake...It was cool. They had it all decorated in a UGA theme and asked all the guests to come dresses in red and black. Somehow Allie and Michael dodged getting their picture made, but I did get this one of Wyatt kicked back takin' it easy. Sittin' like such a little gentleman...
The food was awesome! Low Country Boil!
Now to Sam's birthday party. Sam is Allie's little boyfriend and let me tell you this kid is CUTE! Love, love, love Sam! He is just adorable and he has the sweetest personality. His Mom Michelle is one of my really good friends and let me tell you she threw one heck of a party! It was a Diego party and they went on a rescue mission and everything!

Here's the proud birthday boy... I just want to squeeze him!
Here is the rescue mission. They drove all over the yard finding clues and all that good stuff.
Bring on the cake...His cake was awesome!!!!!!
Allie was like... 'Sam and cake... does it get any better???'The gang...well...most of them
Sam got a power wheels 4 wheeler from his parents. The girls loved chasing him all over the yard. Man, it starts young now-a-days, doesn't it???Al and her two BFF's. They are all inseparable. Adorable family!!! Happy 4th birthday, Sam!!!


Anonymous said...

girl, blogger was being a fickle whore to me yesterday too.

anyways, check out yo' man! woohoo!! bow chicka bow wow! haha!

okay, i about wanted to eat your computah screen lookin' at that yummy food. mmmmmm. :)

looks like a good time. as always your photos are simply the best..bettah than all da rest. (to quote a little tina turner, baby! woohoooooo). seriously, your pictures make my pictures look like i took mine with a cheap 5 dollah disposable camera from da Wal-greens! :)

Andrea said...

So cute how Allie dressed up as Dora to her boyfriend Sam's Diego party... hey wait a sec...aren't Dora and Diego cousins? ;)

Caron said...

LOL, Andrea! That is a bit scary! Na, she just wore her backpack. I didn't have any shirts with Dora... just pj's. As soon ad she learned it was a Diego party she said she 'had to get her backpack!' I thought it was cute though.

Tara said...

All of your pictures are wonderful. Great idea for the Diego party. Glad you got blogger to work.

Angela said...

What a fun birthday party. I love the idea of the ride. Allie looks so cute with her backpack. Love the decorations at the rehersal dinner. Go Dawgs!! Did you see the game on Saturday????

Heather said...

love the wedding pics and the party looks like fun. glad to have you back, sorry about the blogger problems.

Chris said...

I hate when Blogger acts up!
Great pics. Looks like you guys have been BUSY!
That Sam is a cutie pie...They sure make a cute little couple!!