Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stolen Stole

Well. It is cold outside and all.

Ummmm, not exactly. What we really have here is yet another addition to Wyatt's ever growing blanket collection. It's seriously getting out of control! There are a few simple rules we have learned to follow during the accumulation process. Here they are in no particular order...

1. If it's satin... it's Wyatt's
2. If it's soft... it's Wyatt's
3. If it's fuzzy... it's Wyatt's
4. If it belongs to you, but has any of the above three qualities... it's Wyatt's
5. No blanket is off limits & No pattern or color is too girly. If Wyatt likes it... it's Wyatt's
6. All laundry (clean or dirty) is subject to search. Should an item of interest be located therein...
you guessed it... it's Wyatt's

Pretty simple really.

Oh, and you want a actual count, you say?!?!? Here's a quick 'Blankie' roll call...

3 Small Army Green Camoflouge Blankets With Satin Trim
1 Small Blue Satin Blanket With Multi-Colored Satin 'Taggies'
1 Large Off White Blanket
1 Pair of Size 4t Satin Dora Pajama Pants
1 Pair of Size 4t Satin Pink Pajama Pants
1 Pair of Size 4t Satin Turquoise Pajama Shorts
1 Pair of Women's Satin Pajama Pants (Stolen from a bag of stuff I
was going to donate to Goodwill)
1 Cars Child-Sized Fleece Blanket
1 Pair of Men's Basketball Shorts
1 Light Blue Faux Mink Stole With Satin Lining (Ahhh!! A twofer! You can't beat that with a stick!)

Yes, that's 12.

You can only see 5 of the 12 in the pictures. The others are either in the crib or being are being washed. You know, before he notices they are missing or anything.

(oh, and if you look really hard in the first picture... you may catch a glimpse of my favorite pink bedroom slippers. Classy, I know. But yes... he LOVES them, too!)


Melanie said...

OMG, that is too funny. Well at least you know the rules Mommy. He set clear boundaries and he expects you not to break them!

The Partins said...

That is hilarious! He should come hang out with Jamie. She could care less if she had a blanket... as a matter of fact, she hates them. I have to cover her up once she is sound asleep or she will wake up and cry. Maybe they could rub off on each other and each have 6...