Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So... a little over two years ago, I tell my family that I am going to start a blog. "A what?" my mom asks. "Ummm... why exactly?" asks my sister sarcastically. I gave them both the same answer. "I just thought it would be a cool way to share quirky little stories about the kids, and tell a little about the things we've been up to, and most importantly... post pictures." (Cuz' you know I gots to add pictures!) Anyway. I don't think they completely understood, but they went along with it. They even read it. (More often than not from what I've heard.)

Well, between the kids, and work, and the fact that I discovered Facebook, (LOL!) the poor ole' blog took a backseat. A month went by, and than two, and then six. And now... almost a year later, it still sits... just the way I left it.

And then one day, my Sister informs me that she has started a blog. (Mmmm hmmmm. So, what? You have a kiddo and suddenly feel the need to share pictures and updates? Like, on a blog? HA!!! Welcome to motherhood, Pam!) And my Mom? Well, it seems that she is now a blogger too! How is it that they both jumped on the bandwagon I fell off?!?

Well! I'm not one to be outdone, so consider this blog re-opened! It will take some work and some serious backtracking to get her going again... but I'm willing to do what I gotta do to keep up with the Jones's. (and the Bell's... and the Burrus's...)

Stay tuned, Folks!

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Pam Burrus said...

Is this the post you deleted?? Well, as I said before - my blog is SO going to kick your blog's butt. In your face!