Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Grandpa Bunny Bunny must be at it again..." January 23, 2011 Photo 365

This beautiful sunrise was my view form my bathroom window this morning. Beautiful skies always remind me of MeMe and her telling us about how she would read the "Grandpa Bunny Bunny" story to Michael's Uncle Mike when he was little. Even as an adult, he would call her when he saw a beautiful sunset and tell her to look at the sky, because "Grandpa Bunny Bunny was at it again." I always thought that it was one of the sweetest memories that the two of them shared together. And now, whenever I see a beautiful sky, I can't help but think to myself Old Grandpa Bunny Bunny must be at it again!


Lauren Corley said...

Loveee this!!! I stole your picture because I didn't have my camera yesterday or this morning. I had to blog about it as well! Amazing :)

Tara said...