Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Hair-Judging-Freak-Woman Post Continues...

Since I got such a response to my vent on the crazy hair-judging-freak-woman post, I decided to put my comments here to it didn't get lost in the shuffle. So... if anyone is totally lost... see the post below (She won't get called 'he'...) and all the comments that led up to this.

Katie... I feel your pain!! Both Allie and Wyatt were 9 pounds 6 ounces at birth, so they started big too! Wow, he's still off the charts? To me, that's awesome. Ain't nobody gonna mess wit' him!! Anyway... I don't think anyone should judge other peoples kids. You never know all the circumstances. They all do things at their own time, ya know?? Let 'em be, I say!! LOL!

Tara, don't let them get to you!! Wyatt is still off the friggin' charts!! My pediatricians office even has a special waiting area for newborns up to 2 months and I actually had a lady waiting with her baby tell me it was for up to 2 months ONLY!! Like he was 9 and had the funk or something!! Well, Wyatt was only 4 weeks at the time (and not sick!) and when I told her she looked like she didn't believe me! Then come to find out her kid was OLDER than mine!!! He was 5 weeks!! It's not my fault her kid was scrawny!! I kid... I kid...

Anyway... check out Wyatt's weights and feel better!!
4 weeks... 13 lbs, 9 oz
8 weeks... 16 lbs, 14 oz
4 months.. 20 lbs 1 oz

People think he should do more than he can too because he is big and looks older. They forget he is so young!

Chris... Hi! Nice to meet ya! Lindsay is adorable and I'm right there with ya on the Bon Jovi!! :)

Katy... I love the hair and I can tell he's a boy for sure!!

Thanks again to everyone!


Andrea said...

"I don't think anyone should judge other peoples kids. You never know all the circumstances."


Anonymous said...

I second Sistah Andrea!! woohoo!

Heather said...

Great start to the blogging world. I'm Tara and Katy's sister-in-law.

Your kids are adorable and perfect just the way God made them.

You are quite the talented photographer too, I wish I knew how to take better pictures.

Steve, Angela, Kade, Luke, and Alexandria said...

I completely agree with you on that. I always tell my brother and brothers-in-law never to talk about anyones kids because you do not know the circumstances and whatever you say will come back to haunt you when you have kids of your own.

Katy S. said...

You are too sweet! Thank you for your thoughts!

Chris said...

Hi again. Thanks for the shout out. Just to compare your weights Wyatt was the same weight at 4 months that Lindsay is now at a year. WOW! I can't imagine how great your biceps must look! I agree, now that I'm a mom I just don't look at things the same way. I am way more forgiving of other parents out in public now.

I wanted to tell you that I saw a frame at Hallmark yesterday. It was for a "balarina" girl. It had decorative stuff on the frame and it said "Tu, Tu Cute" on the front. I immediately thought one of your pics would look awesome in that frame. Check it out if you're interested.

Tara said...

Ha, I third Andrea. Your kids are just as precious and I will sympathize with you along the way!