Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nebulize THIS!

Well, it's been another eventful few days here at the Rich household. Nothing groundbreaking, but never a dull moment, ya know?

Let's start with Wyatt. He's had a mild cough for about the last week, no fever, no other symptoms, nothing serious. Well when he woke up on Saturday morning, the mild cough had gotten much worse. I could hear a nasty rattle when he breathed and I knew something was not right. So I called his pediatrician and being that it was Saturday morning, the only appointment they had was at 9:45 (o.k., it was 9:05 when I called AND I am 45 minutes form the doctor's office, AND I had not had a shower or bathed Wyatt yet...) so we neglect the hygiene and bust butt to attempt to be on time. We pulled it together quite nicely if I do say so myself and were only 15 minutes late.

Anyway... we get there and they call us back almost immediately. When the doctor heard Wyatt breathe he was concerned because he was wheezing terribly. I have never heard a wheeze before so I was a little freaked out. He immediately hooked him up to a machine and gave him a breathing treatment. It helped, but not as much as Dr. Maddox would have liked. He prescribed Prednisolone which is a steroid, and Albuterol which is a liquid inhaled from a nebulizer machine.

Here he is... tokin' away. He has to do this every 3 to 4 hours 'round the clock. A great way to get even less sleep than we were already getting.

Wyatt really has been so good for the treatments. He kicks back and watches a Baby Einstein movie and takes them like a champ. His breathing still sounds terrible, but hopefully this will help him.

Here he is chillin' after his treatment. He always lays like this.... like he's in Playgirl or somethin'. And no... we did not steal the floral carpet outta some 78 year old woman's house... that is actually a sheet we have to put down inside Wyatt's World to catch the 'consequences' of the terrible reflux that still bothers him.

On Saturday night, we went to a couples shower for our friends Lacie and Jason who are getting married in October. It was a basket shower and each guest was given a different theme to fill their basket or container with. There were all kinds... kitchen, bath, golf, UGA, and entertainment just to name a few.

So here's where the night starts to get hilarious! While they were opening the baskets, two of the hosts were secretly writing down comments Jason and Lacie made about the items in each basket. After all was said and done... the two hosts got up and read a few things said. The idea was to take the comments they made and use them totally out of context. The result...

"Ooooh, I've been wanting this for a long time!"....(a DVD)

"Oh look, Jason! You got some balls!"....(golf balls)

"I know right where I'm gonna put that!"....(a figurine from the Georgia basket)

"I'm gonna get Mama to to show me what to do with one of those!"....(kitchen utensil)

"Jason, don't you like these?"....(glasses from the UGA basket)

"Ooooh batteries...we'll need those!"....(from the gadget's basket)

"I bet that tastes GOOD!"....(a recipe from kitchen basket)

"Now, what do you do with that?"....(a kitchen utensil)

"Help me get the plastic off this thing!"....(plastic covering a basket)

"I am not sitting on that thing!"....(a laundry drying rack someone joked was a flimsy fold-out chair)

Yes people, it was hilarious. Maybe it's because... I dunno... I seem to possess the sick sense of humor of a 14 year old boy?!?! But really. It was all in good fun. What made it even more funny was that the people giving it and those in attendance were all people we go to church with. But we're all crazy Baptists, so ya know. Our church is just cool like that. LOL! There were people of all ages, young and old and its always fun to see that everyone gets a laugh outta that kinda thing. I had never seen this done before, but I know I'll be taking in every comment made at future showers and laughing a little to myself. Again, the 14 year old boy in me.

And finally... I want to day HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daddy who it turning 60 today! I love you Dad, and hope you've had a great day and hope that you will have many, many more! You're the best!


Anonymous said...

girl, you know a twisted guilt ridden catholic like me loves them dirty comments too! ha! that is a riot of a game to play at the shower. i love it-so right up my ally. i swear you and i may have been twins seperated at birth. :)

hope wyatt's feeling better real soon! :)

Andrea said...

Poor Wyatt-get well soon little buddy, and happy birthday big daddy!

LOL Wyatt does kind look like ne's posing like playgirl playmate in that one pic!

Tara said...

Get better soon, Wyatt. I don't think Evan would sit there a minute for that. You seem to have a good, patient son.

Happy Birthday to your Dad.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Happy b-day to yo' daddy, girl! my Pops turned the big 6-0 this year as well! hope it's a great one for him!

Melanie said...

Get well soon Wyatt! You are being such a BIG boy with your treatments.

The shower sounded fun. I have never hear that done before but I am sure that all us bloggers will be listening good at all the showers that we go to from now on!

Chris said...

I hope Wyatt is feeling better. He's such a good boy! Love that pic of him in "wyatt's world".

Happy birthday to your dad! My MIL bday is the 18th as well.