Friday, September 7, 2007

What does speech therapy, engagement pictures, and a four wheeler have in common?

This blog entry. Other than that... nothing at all.

Hello everyone! Things have been crazy here the last few days! We've been running here and there doing a little of this and a little of that. A lot has happened so I'll try to sum it all up in one post, but be prepared for a random-as-all-get-out post!

Thursday I took Allie to the elementary school to have her speech analysis preformed. In case you don't know, her pediatrician suggested we go ahead and start speech therapy now so she can correct some simple articulation issues before they become problems. And lets face it... kids can be cruel and I'd hate to have to take out some little brat kid who tries to make fun of her. Anyway... the analysis went really well. Anything between 85 and 115 is considered normal. Allie scored a 75, so there is a slight need there. However, in the listening and comprehension skills area she scored at a 4 year 9 month level! Not too friggin' shabby for a gal who just turned 3 in May! Even I was impressed at some of the things she knew and the tasks she could do. I really had no idea how much went in to speech analysis. I thought it would be simply listening to her talk, but they had her doing all kinds of things. My guess was they needed to be sure she was physically and developmentally ready so the therapy would be effective. She actually had a lot of fun! I feel good about helping her learn, and my only hope that she will benefit from it.

Next we were off to Atlanta to take William and Amanda's engagement pictures. William is Michael's cousin and he proposed to Amanda last month. She is super sweet and they are a precious couple! I'm so excited to have her join the family. They are planning to get married next October. Here's a few pictures form their session...

I also got to photograph a friend of mines new little boy! Dawn and I have been friends for awhile and I was lucky enough to take her little guy's first pictures. He is just precious and so sweet to work with. Here are a few pictures from his session...

Keyes and big sister Grace

He slept through the whole thing!
I love to take hand and feet shots

All newborns should sleep this well!

In other news, Michael along with his brother Jonathan and their cousins William and Sean are headed off to Tennessee for a weekend four wheeler trip. They are going to a place that has over 200 miles of trails to ride. I'm hoping they will take some pictures, but you know how that goes. I know there will be some awesome views and knowing them some great photo ops! We'll see.

As for me... I'll be here. Working. And watching the kids. Definitely not cooking or cleaning. Gotta have some fun, eh?!?!

And lastly, I got all fancy-schmancy today and updated the ole' blog with some new links. I never imagined I'd actually meet so many great people here! I finally linked all the blogs I read to mine. Consider yourselves cool! I even alphabetized them. (OCD, much???) What started a easy way to keep family informed on the kids milestones has turned into a fun way to meet new people and read some hilarious stories. This is a shout out to all my blogging buddies who I've never met, but feel like I've known for years!

Y'all have an awesome weekend!!


Andrea said...

I really like the new artwork/design of your blog title-did you do that or did you sister?

Tara said...

I like it too! Your page has a new feel to it with the artwork. You took some wonderful pictures. That baby is so cute. Glad Allie is having a good time learning. Hope your weekend is good too!

Caron said...

Thanks! I made it in Photoshop and then Pam told me where I needed to add it in HTML. She can read that stuff like a book and I only dabble so it takes me forever.

Anonymous said...

amazing pictures. as always. love your new blog template. very cool.

Heather said...

Very nice pictures. You're very talented.

I wish I could see your new graphic - I can't see your title at all anymore. It might be the security on my browser.

It's funny how friendly we get to be. I don't know many of the folks whose blogs I read, but I love my Blogger friends.

Heather said...

I hit refresh. I can see it now, it's beautiful!

Melanie said...

Love your new look! I actually took Morgan to the Elem school Thursday for her speech eval too! I was also pretty amazed at all that they did. Morgan had a great time.

Oh and great pics too, you are a great photographer! I wish that I had went to school to do it. That is my dream job!

Chris said...

Those are great pics. The shots of the baby are to die for. William and Amanda look like a darling couple.
You're new look is FAB! I enjoy keeping up with everyone too. It's funny how it does feel like we all know each other. I still vote for a blogger get together sometime after the holidays when everyone has more time.

Katy S. said...

WOW! You are great with the camera.