Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's. My. Life.

'It's now or never... I ain't posted in forrr-evvvv-errrrr...'

Oh, blogger pals... it's been too long. Far, far too long. The last few weeks have been crazy-busy and we have had tons of things going on. Unfortunately the ole' blog had to take a back seat for awhile. Well... I finally got my priorities straight and I'M BACK, BABY!! Did you all miss me? Does anyone still read this? Hello?!? Anyone?!? Ah, c'mon... you all aren't fooling me. I know you have missed me because I did get a few e-mails asking if I was still alive. I knew you all loved me! Thanks for checking in. I am indeed alive and well. Stressed and tired, but well.

Anyhoo... I actually have tons of things to blog about, so my goal is to break it down in to several posts over the next few days. I'm trying to avoid writing a novel, so maybe this will help. And so... since my priorities are now 'in order', let's start with the most important event first...

And you thought I would start with the kids... silly you! Some mom I am, right? Don't worry, I'll get to the kids soon enough. Now where was I? Ah yes, Bon Jovi!! Oh, it was a great, great, GREAT concert indeed!! We went with a huge group of our friends and had a total blast! Chris Daughtry (from American Idol) opened and they were really good. We only caught the last few songs, but we got to hear the ones we recognized, so it was cool.

Here's a few of Daughtry...
And now, here's a few for Chris! Our seats were behind the stage but our I thought our they were awesome! We got the bird's eye view and the huge screens moved all over so we didn't miss a thing!
The special effects were great! Here his video image is shown on the stage. I thought it was awesome!JBJ and Daughtry together singing Blaze of Glory. Incredible! It's hard to believe how amazing Daughtry sounded. He had some big shoes to fill but I was totally impressed!!A blogger hook-up! Chris and I got to say a quick 'hi' after the concert. Here we are... two happy gals after an AWESOME night out!
Unfortunately they don't allow professional cameras in, so I had to take my little point and shoot instead. Bummer. I was even more bummed when I realized that I had grabbed my small memory card instead of my big one, so I was totally limited all night. I had to shoot and delete when I would run out of room. No fun. Oh well, at least I got a few. After accidentally deleting the video of Bed of Roses ($%#@) I did manage to get another short video before running out of space...

Yes, It was an awesome night! I even refrained from flashing 'the twins' at everyone which is more than I can say for the girl who sat a few rows behind us... and let me tell ya... she was no featherweight. Ughhh!! That was more flesh than I cared to see. It was great for laughs though. Oh well... I still consider myself a fan even though I choose to keep the gals covered. I'm already looking forward to the next concert already!

I'll end the post with these two pictures.

Since we're on the subject...this is Allie's tribute to the big hair of the 80's... a.k.a. 'trampoline hair'. It does this whenever she jumps.
Well, one post down... tons to go. 'Muffins with Mom' is tomorrow (ooohhhh... I know you're totally jonesin' for pictures of that action!!) and Allie's birthday party is this Saturday, so keep checkin' in! I'm setting myself a blogging goal. A 'quota,' if you will. I am going to try to post for the next five days straight, and I need your help to hold me to it. It might be something quick and simple or it might be something totally thought-provoking and profound (ummmmm...yeah. lmao). Who knows. All I know is I have some SERIOUS catching up to do and I'm ready to face my inadequacies and try to become a better blogger. I guess that would mean I'm joining "BB" instead of "AA" HA! Oh, it's tooooo late and I'm toooo sleep deprived. Obviously!

...so with that 'I say... Have A Nice Day'!


Chris said...

Love all your pics. I was in those seats for U2 back in 2005 and they were great! Thanks for posting that one of you and I....too cute! I linked you on my post too so everyone can see both sets of pics. Next time they come you'll have to hook up with my CREW for seats!!!

Melanie said...

Wow, those seats did turn out to be pretty great! I loved the video and pics, especially since I didn't get to go and I love BOTH Bon Jovi and Daughtery.....ERGH!!

And the pics of Allie's hair is hilarious!

I'll check back in tomorrow for a new update.

The Partins said...

WELCOME BACK!!! I LOVE JBJ. How luck that you went!!!! I went a LONG time ago... he is total hotness personafied (sp?) Look forward to your blog redemption!