Friday, August 24, 2007

Preschool Registration, Dora, and a Date!!!

Well everyone, this week has flown by. It was the last week before school starts for Allie on Monday. (Yea for me!!) Thursday night we went up to the preschool to see her teacher Mrs. Angie. We know her well from church so it was fun go and see her and the classroom. (Oh, and Katie... I totally checked out her teacher's wall for you and it don't hold a candle to yours, girl!) There are eleven kids in her class and she knows all but one well. Lets just say that this class will be a riot to say the least! All of these kids have practically been raised together since birth and they are the best of friends, but not afraid to hold their own either. Plus, all of these kids have personality to the max so there is no telling what they will do and say together. I didn't get too many pics because it was a busy night, but here are just a few...

Allie was working a puzzle until she spotted Sam, one of her little boyfriends...

This is Efrain, Sam, and Georgia
This is Allie's all-time FAVORITE babysitter Kate. She in 9th grade and came to watch the all of the kids while the parents attended a meeting.
Another of Allie and Kate
O.k, so back to the boyfriend thing. Allie has two little boys that she talks about constantly. Bachelor Number One is Sam. He is just precious! I could just eat him up! He was in Allie's class last year and also goes to church with us. Bachelor Number Two is Dane... also very adorable and such a sweetheart! He too goes to church with us. Allie once informed me "Mommy, I don't like Dane... I LOVE Dane!". This is totally apparent in exhibit A and also in exhibit B. I guess only time will tell how this little preschool puppy love saga will play out. Who her ditch em' both and go for someone totally different. Again people... we are in for a very interesting year.

Now on to Friday...

I am so excited because I got Dora (my Explorer) back!!

'Reunited and it feeeeeeels so gooooood'

Oooohhh yeah, I totally went there... a little Peaches and Herb for the occasion!! LMAO!! She looks great and the shop did a fan-tabulous job on her repairs. I don't think that I ever mentioned that less than a week after she got hit the first time, she got hit again!! This time it was by a huge riding lawn mower. It left about a foot and a half scratch across the back bumper. Naturally it was on the opposite side of the first accident so she looked like crap from both angles!!! Yeah, I was thrilled about that! Anyhoo... she is fixed and beautiful again. Now everyone needs to kindly stay the frick away from her!

We ended the day with a date! Like, a real date!! Like, with no kids, no 5 trips to the potty, no chopping up food, no eating with one hand and holding a kid in the other, just a nice, quiet, relaxing meal among adults! Can you tell it's been awhile???? We went out to Outback with some of our best friends and had such a great time! It was so nice to have an evening out. Thanks again Dee Dee and Dennis for driving up to watch our crazy kids!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Andrea said...

HA! Perfect name for your explorer-she's a beauty ; )

I'm thinking Allie likes Dane so much because he kinda looks like her daddy?!?!

Anonymous said...

ha! too funny. i was a little nervous that you were going to show ms. angie's wall and it would have rcoked my world and left me in tears. ;) glad to know she ain't got squat next to mine. hehe. look forward to hearing about Allie and her 2 men. and i also love the name of your car!

Tara said...

Allie and her boys are just the cutest. Glad you got your car back and had a good day.

Chris said...

Congrats on getting your DORA back and good for you on getting a DATE! We did that a couple weeks ago and now I'm SO glad I did because it's been nuts since then.
Allie looks like such a big girl in those pictures. Especially in the one where she's doing the puzzle!