Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you, 'MAM'!!! (MAM paci's that is...)

And then there were two. Boppy-suckers, that is. O.k., so our dirty little secret is out. Allie still sucks a boppy (only at night, though) ...but now so does Wyatt!!! After months of trying to get him to take one, I finally gave up and threw it in with his toys. He'd occasionally play with it, and maybe chew on it, but never would he suck on one. Well, well, well... someone must have flipped his friggin' switch, because now he takes one like a champ. I mean all of the sudden! I caught him with it in his mouth yesterday and the rest is history! I waited a day to blog about it because we all know how the whole bottle thing turned out, but it seems to be official. He now scoots around with a boppy in his mouth and a blanket in hand. The house has been so quiet... I'm not sure what to make of it.

Here he is with the ever-present camo blanket and the apparent new fall must-have.... a boppy

Anyway, back to Allie. She still sucks her boppy's at night and it proving to be a tough habit to break. I guess I shouldn't complain... it's not as bad it used to be. This picture, along with exhibit B and exhibit C show that we have made drastic improvements. I have just worried about taking them away completely since Wyatt came along. I figure her sucking them for the quick fifteen minutes before she falls asleep isn't so bad.

Anyway... We finally got some rain today. Whenever it rains Allie always begs to go out and play in it. Being that it is summer, there is almost always lightning with the rain, but today there wasn't! I let her go out for awhile and she had a blast!

Here she is twirling her "um-bwa-wa"
Y'all have a great holiday weekend!!


Andrea said...

Cute post as always Caron. Oh how I wish we hadn't taken David's paci away at 5 months. Has been sucking his index finger ever since and it has already moved some of his teeth *sigh*.

Tara said...

Evan would never take a pacifier after the second month or so. I like all the pics of Allie with the mutiples in her mouth, and her daddy too! This was a great post.

Steve, Angela, Kade, Luke, and Alexandria said...

Oh the paci days are here again. Kade took his until he was 2, Luke never wanted the thing, and poor Alex is crazier about it that Kade was. I know what you are talking about. Love Allie in her rain outfit. She has the cutest clothes.

Anonymous said...

Girl, i need to show you the nasty as hell blankie my almost 4 year old still sucks on. it is nasty. anyways, how old is allie again? i didn't know how close in age her and joe were. just curious. :)
Hope you have a great long weekend too, Caron!

Caron said...

Allie turned three in May and has the attitude to prove it! She's all sas now... I warn all the parents of two year olds to soak it up while they can because they don't know what's comin' for em'!!