Thursday, August 2, 2007

Could someone please pass the Damnitol??

Let me start this post by saying that my intention when I started blogging was not to have a place to vent, or bee-otch and moan about all of life's little frustrations... but lets face it... it's rapidly becoming just that. Hey, it's cheaper than therapy. Anyhoo... things have been so crazy. I've been so crazy. If you have a moment and want to read about the reasons that Damnitol is needed (btw...thanks for the prescription, Katie) keep reading. If not, be patient...I promise that my next post will be more positive!!

Common indications you might need one... or four of these powerful little pills...

1. You are shooting over 400 family pictures in 3 days by yourself for the church directory (maybe I should get 'Darnitol' for this since it does have to do with the church and all...)

2. Your husband gets sucked in to doing a out-of-town boat show the same week you have to shoot over 400 family pictures for the church directory.... and you have no family that live near you to help... and all of your babysitters are out of town or at band camp (o.k., I can't help but think "there was this one band camp...")

3. You finally get your two kids in bed and get to enjoy a quiet bath... and get to shave your legs- uninterrupted- only to find out that you must have nicked your ankle and not known it until you start finding red dots on the carpet... 17 of them to be exact... that show you that yes, indeed you did cut yourself and you are tracking blood all the frick over your rug.

4. You don't realize that you are out of toilet paper. And I mean not just in the bathroom that you are in... but in the whole friggin' house. I mean not even a partial roll shoved a closet or under a cabinet... nope, notta, nothing. And the other bathroom?? It was left high and dry as well. Just a lone cardboard tube on a roll. Nice... (we resorted to baby wipes...)

5. A guy shows up on your doorstep with a bag full of about 40 golf balls and demands to know if it is "your husband who is responsible for driving golf balls into his pasture and almost hitting his mini-horse" (um...oops... my husband and about 4 other neighbors. The friggin' pasture was no ones until about a month ago when it finally sold. They have all been hitting balls out there for like 7 years now. There's probably 4000 balls out there! (and no... thank God it was not my husband that day!)

and last but not least...

6. Your brand new car... the one you've had only 8 weeks... that still has that heavenly new car smell...that you special ordered way back in February and waited so patiently for... gets side-swiped in the church parking lot while you are shooting said directory pictures. Yea... still waiting on the insurance guy to come and assess the total damage.

Yes, friends... this has been my week.



Andrea said...

Oh no! So sorry. I must admit you make it all sound so funny. Great post my friend.

Steve, Angela, Kade, Luke, and Alexandria said...

Take an extra dose of the damnitol, go to bed, and call it a day. So sorry you have had a bad week.

Anonymous said...

Girl, i gots me a lifetime 'scription of this shizz and i ain't ashamed to admit it! keep taking them until you get numb to it all. hehe. :)

Tara said...

I agree with Andrea, you do make it sound funny. Sorry your week has been so rough but I hope it all gets better soon. Take all the Damnitol you need.

Chris said...

Sorry to hear about your week and especially your new car...that REALLY bites! I agree with the sure make it sound funny. If you can't vent here where can you vent??