Monday, August 27, 2007

School Days, School Daze...

Well everyone... Allie is back in school! (is that the Hallelujah Chorus I hear?!?!?) She was pretty tired from having to get up early for the first time in ages... but soon the excitement kicked in and she was just fine. I walked her in instead of doing the car pool line so I could try to get a few pictures of her and her classmates.

Here she is... all ready to go!

This is her teacher Mrs. Angie

Waiting in the hall during carpool

Finding their book bag cubbies

This is Allie with Sarah. They have been best friends ever since they 'did time' together in good ole' time out on the first day of school last year. They got in trouble because they snuck out of the gym during recess and went back to the classroom to play. Double Trouble!! The thought of their upcoming teenage years together frightens me...
An attempt at getting the entire class together (notice Allie next to Sam)
Everything seemed to go well. Allie is very eager to go to school and is so excited to be with all of her friends. She got a red sticker on her behavior chart today, which I think is good... but it said 'HOLY MOLY" so I hope that is meant in a positive way.

On Wednesday it is Allie's turn to bring snack for the class, which means she gets to be the 'leader' that day. Translate that in to three year old terms... 'I am the high and mighty, all powerful one who leads to the potty, playground, and music class. I am the first in line and will conquer any who may try to get in front of me!! I brought the highly coveted WORSHIP ME!!' You laugh, but really... this is a HUGE deal to them. I actually witnessed horns growing from Allie's head and flames shooting from her mouth as she went for the kill last year when Jonathan was first to line up on her 'leader day'. I kid you not! This week, she has selected pretzels, vanilla creme wafers, and HI-C fruit punch juice boxes for the occasion. Nice choice.

And on a side note... if you know anyone looking for a really good kitten please let me know. We have 3 strays that have taken up here and they are precious and soooo good with kids. I'd love to keep one myself, but someone would have no such thing. I really would love to find them loving homes.

Two of the three kittens.. the little black and white one was hiding
This is my favorite kitten. She even posed for a picture! I call her Tailor... comical because as you can see, she has no tail!


Andrea said...

Allie's first day of school outfit is so cute-I especially like the big A.

Sorry-no cats allowed in this house-I'm allergic.

Heather said...

Looks like Allie had a good first day. That outfit is very cute!

Also - just a thought from a few posts back - have you tried letting someone else give him a bottle when you're gone? It's what we had to do with Laney, but she was only 3 weeks old. Just a thought.

Tara said...

I love the outfit. I want a girl to dress up... next baby maybe! I want you to take pictures of Evan, you are such a talented photographer! Glad Allie had a good first day and she gets to be the leader so soon!

Anonymous said...

The line leader story is hilarious!! ha! love it.

Chris said...

That outfit is A-DORABLE!!!!!
Glad she is doing well with pre k and you definitely got some great shots!

Katy S. said...

She is so cute!! You do have a way with the camera!