Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An update on Pam

My sister Pam had her surgery today and it went very well. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for her. She seems to be doing well, and I just got an e-mail from my brother-in-law with a message form her...

'Hey everybody just wanted to show you my new trophy!!! Surgery went well. It took about an hour and twenty minutes. They completely put me under. The first thing I said when I woke up was, "I dreamed about web sites". :) I'm in a little pain now but I have a very good care-taker at home with me.

By the way, notice the very sophisticated "exercise device" they attached to the cast. It's a rubber band tied to my fingernail with sutures. Nice, huh? The doc who did the surgery is great...I was glad we had him.

Love you all,


Here's the picture I took with my crummy camera phone to send to Pam's phone when she was waking up in the hospital.

For those of you who don't know, she had a freak (very freak) accident earlier this week. She had opened a can of chicken to make chicken salad and when she was cleaning up, she picked up the can to throw it away and the lid was so sharp it immediately sliced through the inside of her little finger. She said it barely bled, but hurt like crazy and when she went to try to bend it she could not. She went to the ER and they gave her 3 stitches, but after two days she still could not move it. She went to a specialist yesterday where it was determined that she had severed both tendons in her finger and they had recessed back towards her hand. The Doctor immediately scheduled surgery for today during his regular lunch hour. She has to stay bandaged for several weeks, and then has to undergo months of therapy. I told you it was freak!! Anyway, she is doing well, and hopes she will be able to get back to her job as web designer soon. Thanks again for all of your prayers!!!


Chris said...

How odd. Glad she'll be ok. Sorry that she's having to endure so much over a stupid can of chicken. WOW! You're sis is gorgeous by the way!

Tara said...

Glad your sister made it through surgery okay. You aren't kidding about freak. Congrats on your consigment loot. I'll leave all that to all of you bloggers out there.

Andrea said...

Poor thing! I know firsthand that freak accidents can be the worst-not sure if you remember but due to Gary Johnston tripping me in English class freshman year-I have had TWO knee surgeries! I will be praying for a speedy recovery.

Katy S. said...

OMG all that with a can of soup. That is a freak of an accident. You have given me a new fear of canned goods. OUCH!!!

Anonymous said...

That's so something that's gonna happen to me. hope she gets better real soon. andrea, your comment made me laugh. it's not funny what happened to you and i am sorry. but i am a sick person sometimes, and the way you wrote that gave me a chuckle. damn that gary!hehe. :)
Sending out the love to your sis!
How cute are your kids with that sign!? precious!

Anonymous said...

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